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Per state mandates, all students will be required to wear a face covering on the school bus and during the school day. Please help us in getting students acclimated to this new requirement by having them practice wearing them over the summer.  We are being required to enforce this at school and will keep you updated with any changes we learn of as this year progresses.


Student Supply list for 

2020-2021 School Year





2020- 2021 School Calendar

This is our current school calendar as of July 1st. The State of IL has made a couple changes that we will be required to adjust our calendar for. School is still expected to start on time with August 21st being the first student in attendance date. Updates will be listed as they are approved.










       Schools performing in the top 10% of schools statewide, with no underperforming student groups.


       Beginning in 2018, each Illinois school is receiving a Summative Designation, a measure of progress in academic performance and student success. This school has received the Summative Designation stated on the screen. Reasons for the Summative Designation are indicated on the following screen. Multiple measures determine which one of four Summative Designations is appropriate for this school. 


     Exemplary – Schools performing in the top 10 percent of schools statewide with no underperforming student groups. 


     You can see more about Lisbon Grade School by reviewing our school report card at: