6th-8th Grade

Homework Helpers are various websites that are full of knowledge that you may not have known are out there and could help you.

Math - This is the link to the Math Textbooks online.

Science - This is the link to the Science Textbooks online.

NASA Homepage - Here you can find many interesting things ranging from recent discoveries, information about our solar system, technology information, interesting space images, and much more

NASA Kid's Section - This website has information for you based on solar system knowledge, current events, current/recent pictures of amazing things, homework helpers, a career center, and more.There is even a link for World Book Research for grades 5-8 for easy at home research.

Smithsonian - This website seems very user friendly with a wealth of knowledge. There is a daily fact posted with a link to learn more about it. Also they have a page for art related topics, science and nature, history and culture, and people and places. They even have some games that you can play and challenge your friends at.

Illinois Government

Cool Math Games - This website is a little cluttered and loudly colored, but has many helpful games and learning tools. Games include helpful geography 'tests', math quizzes/challenges, board games, words games, and many more.

Fun Brain - This website has a math arcade, a reading center, and many more classic games that help encourage learning in new and fun ways.